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First Allied Securities, Inc.

The Foundation of Success

A dynamic leader in the financial industry with a reputation for excellence, First Allied Securities, Inc. is a full-service independent broker/dealer with branches throughout the United States. First Allied Securities, Inc. was founded in 1994 as a privately held company with a vision of providing independent financial advisors with cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and superior service. Based in San Diego, First Allied serves as the firm of choice for independent financial advisors from across the nation to seek to grow their businesses. Our exclusive business development platform has been expertly constructed to provide entrepreneurial advisors with the industry's most comprehensive platform for growth. First Allied is a member of Cetera Financial Group, RCS Capital Corporation's (NYSE:RCAP) retail investment advice platform. As of December 31, 2014, First Allied had approximately $31 billion in assets under administration and 785 affiliated financial advisors. First Allied Securities is part of First Allied Holdings, which also includes the Legend Group, a specialized provider of investment and retirement solutions to the not-for-profit space, including 403(b) accounts.

Advisors registered with First Allied Securities, Inc. operate independently owned firms to provide you with what they believe to be some of the best options that may help you achieve your financial goals. First Allied Securities, Inc.’s advisors are not limited by the proprietary products marketed by many national planning firms. We believe this independent approach serves to build trust in a client relationship.

The financial services industry is composed of many quality firms that provide individuals a plethora of products and services designed to do many things. Some of the products provide solid investment options or risk management strategies designed to safeguard income and assets, and much, much more. A financial plan may include traditional investment vehicles, insurance, retirement plans, asset protection strategies, or a combination of these items. 

First Allied Securities, Inc. stands firmly behind Chal Daniels and Harvest Financial, and supports them as they strive to provide objective guidance and help you effectively reach your financial goals.Since everyone’s needs and goals are unique, Chal Daniels will work with you to understand your specific circumstances, and will tailor plans that fit your distinct requirements.

We enjoy working with Harvest Financial to deliver strategic, unbiased investment advice with the highest level of personal service. First Allied Securities, Inc. and Chal Daniels pledge to place your interests and concerns first, and are eager to help you identify and potentially reach your goals.