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Be Grateful and Be Prepared

November 07, 2017

It’s November – it’s colder, darker, and Thanksgiving is almost here. Two things come to mind: gratitude and planning.

Gratitude is pretty obvious. The Napa Valley is a gorgeous place to live, filled with generous people and lots to do.  We are blessed to live in the USA, and setting aside all the political bickering, this is a land of opportunity.  I am blessed with a beautiful, caring wife of 35 years and going strong, five children who bring adventure to my life and lessons in geography. A hard working son-in-law who has helped gift Nani and I with three grandchildren who make us feel young-at-heart and wish for young-in-body.  Last but not least, I have you, our loyal clients and staff who make ‘going to the office’ a joy.

Planning may be a little more obscure. I remember seeing a list hanging on the refrigerator of all the things to do and serve for our family holiday gatherings.  It would start weeks in advance with an idea of what to serve, how to decorate, and what to buy. On the day of the event, the list was all about coordinating oven space, taking stuff out of the fridge, and when to serve which dish.  Nothing was left to memory.

One of the planning discussions I am having more frequently concerns Long Term Care. November is also Long Term Care Awareness month.  If you are looking for a gentle segue in this blog, there isn’t one.  Like most catastrophic events, they arrive without notice.  The most we can do is be prepared and be thankful it wasn’t worse.

  1. The discussion is not only about insurance. It really starts with discussing the plan.
    1. How can you stay in your home as long as possible? How much are you willing to spend to renovate your house?
    2. Who makes decisions about health and money if you are incapacitated?
    3. Where would you like to go when the time comes to move to a nursing home?
  2. Once a plan is in place, how will it be paid for?
    1. Cash you have saved
    2. Reverse mortgage
    3. Insurance
    4. Don’t worry, the kids will take care of it

Happy Thanksgiving to all, with gratitude for the blessings and the ability to plan for a bright future.