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Check your Plan B

September 08, 2016

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)! Does that mean you have to go out a buy some insurance…is it on sale? No, but take 5 minutes to check out these 5 points.

  1. Can you find the policies? Life insurance, disability income or long term care benefits are necessary in demanding times and you don’t want to search high and low to figure out if you have coverage.
  2. Are the policies current? No sense keeping out of date policies around to confuse the issue. Nor do you want to find out you are no longer covered as a term policy ended.
  3. Are the beneficiaries correct? Sometimes we purchase a policy before we are married and a parent is the beneficiary. Could be trouble in a time of need.
  4. IS the death benefit sufficient? You wanted debt paid off, some extra to help with the children’s college and maybe final expenses. Will the benefit take care of that?
  5. Does the kind of coverage meet your needs? Term policies are built for one type of need, whole life and universal are another. What kind do you have for your needs?

If you have questions, we can help.