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Committing to Long Term Care

November 06, 2018

I spent last weekend in Colorado.  My son, Chase lives there and just bought a house with his girlfriend.  As we spent time together looking at the house, hearing plans and meeting their friends, I learned about commitment.

1.       It is a forty minute commute to work each way over rough terrain, but Chase and Maria have a beautiful get away with just one light in the distance.  That and the Continental Divide.  We will see when the snow gets heavy if they can get out but they have it planned so they can stay.  Chase and Maria are committed.

2.       I met a man committed to his life.  If we set financial wealth as the benchmark of success, net worth or retirement funds, he might not measure up.  However, show him a granite slab, yet unclimbed and he will find a way to the top.  Give him a young man who yearns to climb and he will share his rope, his knowledge and his passion.  Strappo is committed.

3.       We met a young man who lost the right to fly because of choices he made.  It will take him years to get that right back but step by step he climbs toward the right to fly again.  He acknowledges the mistakes he made, and each day he battles toward his dream.

4.       Back home in Napa, I watch a family gather together to support the head of the family as he struggles with ALS.  Giving up your home to share in the work, changing your schedule to accommodate a new way of life, and putting aside your dreams of tomorrow to grasp the moments of today, takes commitment.

These are not my dreams and therefore dissimilar to my commitment, but commitment it is.

November is Long Term Care Awareness month.  When you are 50 or 55 in great health, buying protection might seem a silly venture.  I am sure Chase, Strappo and Maria have stared up from the base of uncharted climbs with concern.  Should we take the risk?  Should we commit to the path?

With visions of past heights attained or the peace of mind, not having to worry where the money will come from, we commit to plans.

Certainly there are solo ascents, but you needn’t do it alone.

Certainly there are falls, but precautions can be taken.

Certainly there are moments of great fear, but as Maria reminded me, “don’t look down.”

I am changed after my visit to Colorado by these men and women who have shown commitment in new ways to me.  I sleep better at night because of the commitments Maria, Strappo and Matt have made with Chase.   I challenge each of us to choose vistas we want to challenge.  If we at Harvest Finaical can help in any way, please call.  Our team is committed to help with your financial climbs.

Have a great November!