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Disability Insurance Awareness Month

May 09, 2017

April showers bring May Flowers and weddings, graduations, Memorial Day, summer vacation, AND Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Nani and I just returned from Utah and watching Taylor graduate with a degree in Biology. He will spend the summer working for the Department of Natural Resources inspecting boats for tracking invasive species from one lake to another. From celebration to the reality of earning a paycheck.

Life is full of this cycle. We rejoice at the birth of a child to be followed by long nights, lots of diaper changing and some worry. A wedding celebrated, then a honeymoon adventure and then the work required to keep a family together for 10, 20 or 35 years. Nani and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in August. Each mountain top experience is so much the sweeter because of the valleys we travel through.

We dream, we set plans and try to think around the hurdles. On Saturday, we watched a mountain thunderstorm touch down in Provo. There were four brides having pictures taken at a local church and suddenly they had to run for cover as the wind blew and ran pelted the celebrants. It happens. Some people laughed, some screamed and one groom took advantage of the frenzy to scoop up his bride in his arms to protect her dress.

What does this have to do with a financial planning blog? Rarely do plans play out exactly as imagined. Stuff happens. Market goes up, market goes down, accidents happen and life moves forward. We celebrate a new graduate in biology and he’s off to look for mollusks (invasive species), protecting the waterways of Utah while boaters have summer adventures. You work hard, but do you protect your income? As you imagine all the good times ahead, let Harvest Financial think about and educate you about the protection from loss.

If you get a chance, send us a picture of your adventures to our Facebook page (via a Facebook message), and when we meet next we’ll ask the questions to be sure you are ready for what life throws your way.