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Happy 4th of July-Celebrate Independence

June 30, 2023

Rational Decisions -based on or in accordance with reason or logic.

Clients often say; ‘We want your advice on how to retire safely.’

That phrase is music to our ears.  Unfortunately, this sometimes comes with a note that is slightly off.  As we go through current debts, sometimes we see large purchases which might cause us to ask; ‘Did you want our advice before spending $85,000 on a new truck?’ 

’Ahh, no.’ 

Why not?’

Because you would have said not to buy it.


Investors often seek rational reasons for the stock market movements.  Trust me, the same person who bought the truck above is also investing with the same level of rationale.  The S&P 500, as of this writing, is up 13.7% year to date, and just above last Augusts’ mark of 4280.  The word roller coaster barely describes what we have experienced in the last year.  Debt ceiling crisis, inflation, Fed Rate increases and pauses, and a budget free for all in Washington DC.  Rational – someone buys and someone sells, reasonable enough but what is not as clear is why they do it, therefore ups and downs.  Those who held on are seeing new highs in their accounts and those who sold might be wondering if it is time to get back in.  Call us and we can rationalize together.

Our resident chef Sam offers the following

July brings some of our favorite seasonal ingredients to play with. We have corn, tomatoes, all the peppers and beans you can imagine! To showcase the Harvest, we have 2 recipes to share. Since I keep a salsa garden growing every summer, I decided to showcase a Salsa de ‘Molcajete’ and a classic Margarita that I use for any Taco Tuesday, Margarita Monday, or just a hot summer day.

The beauty of a good Salsa de Molcajete is its versatility. There are only three mandatory ingredients, Lime, Chilies, and Salt. Then we add aromatics to createdesired flavor. Ultimately, like our Harvest Financial portfolios, this recipe serves as a base. If you like things a bit more spicy or risky, add a spicier chili or maybe a sector-based ETF, or if you like a mild salsa switch to a jalapeno or the investment equivalent of a Government Bond Fund. Really tailor your salsa and investments to your liking while trying to reach your specified flavors or goals. No ingredient should stand alone; they build on each other, all working towards your desired goals and tastes.

  Serrano Salsa

              20 Serrano Chilies, stems removed and lightly chopped.

              3 Large cloves garlic, Smashed and rough chopped.

              3 Limes, cut in half.

              Salt to taste

              1 Molcajete, Mortar and Pestle, or Blender.


  1. In the Molcajete add serrano chilies, garlic, and salt and begin smashing until paste is formed and all ingredients are well blended.
  2. Season to taste and adjust with lime juice as needed.

Classic Marg


2 oz Tequila, Silver is best

½ oz Agave, Blue Agave is best

¾ - 1 oz Lime Juice, more if you want it less sweet.


Salt and Lime Juice for a salted Rim

1 Lime Wedge


  1. Add all ingredients to a Cocktail Shaker,
  2. Dress your Glass with lime juice, salt and lime wedge.
  3. Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
  4. Strain through a fine mesh strainer directly into your empty but garnished glass.
  5. Add ice to your glass and drink!

Sam has turned in his chef’s hat for an advisor hat (at least during the day).  He has completed his licensing for securities and life insurance sales and advice.  Congratulations!  You will begin to see more of Sam in various meetings helping out with portions of the advice.  Am I going away?  No way, just a bit more freedom to grow the business and sometime away with Nani.

July 4th is upon us, a little odd this year being a Tuesday but celebrate we will.  Independence is a grand thing.  Regardless of what you think about the happenings in Washington DC, good men and women have set aside their lives to represent you in Congress.  If the gift of social media were available in the late 1700’s, imagine what we might have heard about the life of George Washington, Ben Franklin or James Madison.  Martha quibbling about George being gone too long, stories of the lunatic Franklin and his crazy ideas, etc.  I recently met with a candidate for the California Senate seat when Senator Feinstein is done in ’24.  I can agree or disagree with their ideas, but they stood up and are running.  This 4th of July celebrate men and women who leave home and hearth and carry out the Constitution of the United State, based on truths proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.


Here's to Summer!