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Happy Holidays and Hope

December 13, 2019

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year!

It is all going by too fast and it has been a wonderful and busy year.  Beginning Monday Dec. 16, Connie returns though part time.  Her focus will be building our calendar for all current clients.  Crystal will continue to answer the phone and handle some special project.  Matt continues as steady right hand taking over more responsibilities each day.  Matt, Anne and Hazel Mae will head back to Utah for the week of Christmas and I plan to be out of the office the week of January 6-10.  Naturally, we’re closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day, but it might get a little scarce late afternoons and Friday afternoons as we need all the shopping time we can scavenge.


We continue to support our two favorite charities thanks to your support of our business.  Teens Connect has continued to grow its’ service to Napa Middle and High Schools.  We have ‘rented’ them some space for the last several month.  Yes, we are kind hearted, but having them here has brightened our spirits as they discuss their good work in the community.  We also support Operation Underground Rescue who continues to battle child trafficking around the world.  They too have expanded services to help those children they rescue.  Check out both their websites; and


We thank you for your continued trust and for the friendship we foster with each client.  Now more than ever it is time to talk and strive to build a better tomorrow.  More than ever relationships are the bond that can fix the fears, trepidations and problems of our world.  It is also through relationships that the holidays are brighter and warmer.


We wish you all the best in the holidays and in the New Year to come.