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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2021

Harvest Financial, LLC is a financial advice firm. We listen, answer questions, build models and provide resources. For most of you this is obvious, but this is a new year and resolutions are being made. What are yours?

For over 20 years, we have gathered resources and skills to meet your financial needs. I will admit that the last two years have been challenging and we have learned that the word change exists within the word challenge.

Harvest Financial has two remote workers; Luke in San Diego and Lily in South Carolina. We spend time on Zoom with clients, the team and family. We have learned how to use Docusign and are inviting clients to use Adviceworks to view their investments. We are committed to our clients. To their safety, to their future and to their peace of mind.

What did 2021 look like and what can we see for 2022?

COVID variants – Who comes up with these names, it’s worse than lipstick colors. We carry masks wherever we go, stay six feet apart and collect boosters like we used to collect trading cards. How will COVID continue to shape our world? Working from home and contactless shopping will become a larger portion of our reality.

Cryptocurrency, NFT and Metaverse. I imagine that one day in the not too distant past someone walked into the grocery store and produced a dollar bill to pay for their purchases. Accustomed to silver or gold coins, the retailer was perplexed by the new form of currency. So it is with crypto-currency, we will get used to it. There are a few hurdles to cross before crypto becomes common place, such as education, development of trust and manner of exchange.

Constant ‘new highs’ in the various markets. When will the market adjust? When will the Fed move on interest rates to curb inflation and perhaps create a downturn in the stock market? These are all question concerning a relative short time frame. The longer your time horizon (when you need the money), the less concerned you should be, especially if you have the opportunity to invest new dollars into the market. The shorter your time horizon, the less likelihood of investing new dollars, the more caution to be taken.

Overall, sound financial principles remain the foundation to a brighter future. Control spending, avoid debt, protect assets and invest wisely will still ring true in the new year as they have in the past.

Today is the end of 2021 and an awakening of 2022. We wish you all the best and are thankful for the trust you have placed in us. We will strive to be better, to use tools wisely and place great value in relationships.