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August 11, 2016

Yesterday morning, I glanced at CNBC and there were two headlines;

      Dow 20,000 could be coming soon

      Sell, Sell, Sell as monetary policy is a dead duck

Where do we go with that?  Is it going to rocket up or drop like re-entry?  One answer is; Yes.  Certainly the market will rise and fall, that's what it does.  The relevant question to most investors is how will that affect you and your plans.

      If you don't have a plan the rise and fall won't matter much.

      If you are in your 20s and contributing to savings and investing, a drop may be a fantastic opportunity

      If you are in your 60s and contemplating retirement; a drop can be catastrophic, a meteoric rise is a blessing.

The bottom line is what is your plan and how can it affect you.  That and use trusted sources.  There are lots of voices out there but not everyone speaks from knowledge or experience.