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July 02, 2019

Happy 4th of July! Independence Day. Let Freedom Ring.  We will celebrate our freedom from tyranny with BBQs, picnics, parades and fireworks, and perhaps for a brief moment give thanks for those who fought for our independence.


There were men and women of great thought, faith, and perseverance who gave their blood, sweat and tears to create these United States of America.  Men who signed a document that insured our freedom and their infamy. Those signatures exhibited for all to see, treason against the crown and a voice for independence.


Down through the centuries, men and women have stood to grow that freedom.  To battle slavery, the right to vote and civil rights.  Even today, this is a land to which refugees flock to gain freedom and opportunity.


The battle to uphold the values for which Old Glory flies exists today as it did in 1776, but instead of muskets and bayonets, this battle is fought with the pen and voice.  When our forefathers came to the land, there was freedom but little else.  Today in California, when you cross the border there is freedom AND social benefits.  Our newspapers are full of the difficulty of crossing the border, pictures of detention centers and death.  Yet thousands continue to make the journey.

Freedom will always have a price.


In our day-to-day business, we meet with people seeking freedom from daily drudge.  Some call it retirement, some look upon this as a new chapter in life, but it is independence.  Those people with the greatest freedom at retirement have worked hard over the years to scrimp and save. They have given up certain luxuries in order to save for the future.  It began with a vison that one day… they could pay for their children to go to college, they could travel the world, they could set off in their RV to see the States, they could volunteer more time to those in need.  They created a plan and followed it.  They learned to say no to distractions and to work hard.


Freedom and independence are grand things for which to strive. Our office will be closed on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th to celebrate them.