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We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

July 04, 2020

Happy 4th of July!

One of my favorite Dad tortures was to make the children read the Declaration of Independence. It really is quite the document and having done some writing, I can’t imagine how they got it done ‘by committee’. Thank goodness they did!

This 4th of July was different from most thanks to COVID-19. No fireworks (were allowed) and fewer gatherings. We celebrated anyway. I know that the media has not given us lots of reason to celebrate but I still believe it is the best country going. I hope you read the Declaration, made potato salad, hung the flag and told your family you love them.

Lots going on here at Harvest Financial

1. Welcome Paula Berengue. Paula joined us from Rabobank at the end of June to help as receptionist. Give her a little time to learn the systems and she will be a great help to all of us.

2. Goodbye and congratulations to Matt. He has decided to pursue a Master's in Healthcare Administration at the University of Michigan. He and his family are headed east at the end of July. You will be hearing more about how we will cover Matt’s responsibilities in the days to come. Best wishes to Matt, Anne and Hazel!

3. Customer Relationship Summary (CRS). This document is required by the government and explains the relationship between you and Harvest Financial. The CRS will be mailed to each account holder during the month of July (yes, some families may receive two copies, though we are trying to limit this). The document is four pages long and even suggests questions you might want to ask me. Please call if you have any questions.

Basic economic report.

The stock market continues to improve albeit along a ‘bumpy trail’. You can see the effect of news on the market; unemployment numbers, rise and fall of COVID cases and political unrest. Each introduces an element of confidence (increases in employment) and uncertainty (do we need to close again to protect ourselves). There is no magic formula to investing success. Hard work and discipline are the markers toward success. Know your budget intimately and stick to it. Build a plan and stick to it. Review your plan annually to make sure progress is being made. Put excellent advisors on your team and check in with them; tax advisors, estate-planning attorneys, insurance advisors, and financial advisors.