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LIAM is here!

September 01, 2017

As I write this, we are coming up on Labor Day weekend – my idea of the traditional end of summer. However, greater minds than mine have rolled back the starting blocks and school has been in session for two weeks, so my college savings blog was last month. Nani and I are empty nesters, sort of. Taylor is figuring out his grad school options and hanging out at the homestead.  Empty nesters can take a vacation WHENEVER they want; therefore we are off adventuring from September 14-19 in beautiful Hawaii.  My nephew gets married in Kona on the 16th.

This gives me the perfect opportunity to re-introduce our staff, whom you may need to work with while I am gone.

                Hannah has been here almost a year and has not gotten a fair shake at California weather.  An overly rainy winter and cool summer has her wondering if it is all a myth.  Hannah keeps up with all the appointments and making sure we talk regularly.  She is also the social media monitor.  All the stuff we send out, starts with Hannah.  We have a website (, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Hopefully you feel like you are getting enough information about topics of interest.

                Doris has been with us almost four months and holds the title of Planning Assistant.  Her job is to help me in the “Believe” phase of our planning.  If we want to put all your information into the planning software or test a portfolio, Doris helps with that.

                Finally, Bill joined us as the new kid on the block.  His title is Operations Assistant, and he deals with the MASSIVE amount of paperwork that flows through this office to make sure your money is where it should be.

                We all take turns answering the phone and emptying the garbage, and we are getting better each day at our tasks.  So if you call while I am away, there are people to help AND if absolutely necessary, they have my cell phone number.

Last, but not least, September is Life Insurance Awareness Month - LIAM!

                If you don’t have life insurance, let’s talk about your needs and the different types of life insurance that can provide some peace of mind.

                If you have life insurance but are not sure if it meets your needs, let’s talk about it.

                If you have questions about financial stuff, let’s talk! Even if your questions are not financial, let’s talk, because I may ‘know a guy.’

Enjoy what is left of the summer weather!