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Market Jolt & Headlines

Market Jolt & Headlines

February 28, 2020


The sneeze heard around the world! As of this writing, we are back to October 2019 levels in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500. What is so disruptive about a virus?

  • They don’t understand it. It was thought to originate in China in one region, however, as of today, they found a case in the US of someone not connected with travel or others who have traveled: Unpredictable
  • You can be a carrier for 14 days without symptoms showing making it difficult to see where it is coming from: Unpredictable

 The stock market does not like surprises.

If you are over 5 years from retirement and continuing to add to a retirement plan, I would not be overly concerned. Your investment and retirement strategy was positioned and put into place with consideration of fluctuating global events, both major and minor. Staying the course is often the smartest move, partially because you aren’t reacting immediately to a dip, and you might benefit from a potential recovery.

If you are in retirement and pulling money from your account regularly and 100% in stocks, it is time to evaluate your portfolio. We can help you understand what the news means for your financial life and offer you the context you need to remain confident in your strategy. Contact me to schedule a discussion.

It’s important to remember that, in terms of market declines, the recent drop isn’t unprecedented. In fact, in the last six day-to-day declines of 3% or greater, the market rebounded higher a month later. Past performance is no indication of future returns, and it’s uncertain whether history is a good teacher in this instance.


If you have watched the Democratic debates, you have seen a lot of invective, demands for repentance from past sins and a general lack of decorum. As a voter, I prefer when a candidate addresses the problems of the community they represent and their solutions. When discussing ‘welfare for all’ or other expansive programs, I want to know what the cost is. Similarly, the stock market devours numbers and does not like ambiguity or surprises. In the last two debates, the media has given the win to President Trump due to the behavior on the platform. I realize Super Tuesday results will force some hands, candidates will drop out, and clarity will prevail.


In full swing. Some 1099 information is available and some is not, depending upon the investments you have in your accounts. More complex investments like REITs take a bit more time to get information together. Think about it, a mutual fund might have 100 stocks inside it and the value is determined every day at the market close. A REIT may have 100 buildings inside, each having its’ own rent scheme, therefore, those 1099's will take longer to disseminate. There are 4 phases of 1099 mailings: January 1, February 15, February 29 & March 15th. If you are concerned, contact us and we can give you more information.


On the bright side and I do mean bright- the weather. Leave the house with sunshine and return home with a bit of light remaining. Lunchtime walks have been beautiful. I sense we may pay for this in March and April with returning frost and the needed rain. Enjoy it while you can!

HARVEST FINANCIAL UPDATES – Have you checked out some of the additions to our website? Crystal is working hard to update and add features. For example, if you click on the Client Access button you can gain access to your accounts. Our calendar is available if you want to schedule an appointment or phone call. If you have suggestions, there are links to contact us or a direct link to Crystal to provide suggestions.

Remember, we are here to help you and your family during this time. Whatever decisions you make, please allow me to support you through them. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.