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May Day Memories

May 01, 2024


When the children were younger and Nani Care was in full bloom, May 1 was a celebration of joy at our house.  Not sure if it was our Catholic school upbringing or Nani just wanting an excuse to celebrate, but each May 1- out came the Maypole.  The neighborhood kids were gathered and instructed, and the laughter and chaos ensued.  You can create an incredible pattern of color on the pole when done correctly or lots of laughter and joy when done not so correctly.  If you don’t have a Maypole in your neighborhood, just go outside and dance and see who joins in.

Spring is well upon us and the Napa Valley is warming up in temperature and color.  The Stock Market is having a rougher year with the S&P 500 up 6.58% as of this writing,  4th Quarter last year was GREAT and now 1st Quarter is having its’ struggles.  As we have spoken in the past, the market likes order and the world is not in order.  From our own domestic politics to battles raging in other parts of the world, uncertainty is the name of the game this season.  What to do?  If you are still in the life phase where you are accumulating wealth, continue to contribute.  Dollar cost averaging is a fantastic tool to even out the ups and downs of the market.  If you are just watching your wealth, make sure you have a balanced approach.  We have been talking with clients about Certificates of Deposit as they are yielding in the 4-5% range, a wonderful way for short term money to grow.

As the weather gets better, we begin to open the doors a bit more and perhaps engage in Spring Cleaning.  Post tax season is a great time to dust things off and see where you are in your financial life.  Do you need to make portfolio changes due to the effect on your return?  Take a look at your insurance coverages.  Is everything important covered adequately?  Is your insurance company considering pulling out of California?  How about your estate planning documents?  Do they need an update?  Are all your beneficiaries on various accounts correct?  These and hundreds of other questions need to be looked at BEFORE you take the well-deserved Summer Vacation, right around the corner.

Speaking of vacations, where are you headed?  There are tons of places within 100 miles of here to go visit, not requiring a passport or airline tickets.  Camping, glamping or first class hotels; do a bit of research about wherever you are travelling to before you decide.  Time spent planning extends the feeling of getting away and anticipation is exhilarating.  Also you may find some sites or restaurants you had not considered visiting.  Google your destination and see what it brings!

Dollar cost averaging will not guarantee a profit or protect you from loss, but may reduce your average cost per share in a fluctuating market.