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May Flowers & Harvest Happenings

May 09, 2019

May!  An exclamation point is just right as the sun is shining, grass is green, flowers are blooming, and we can begin planting for Harvest.  May Day is a favorite of Nani’s.  When the children were young, it meant dragging out a May Pole and gathering the neighborhood to try and dance around without strangling a younger sibling.

May is also Disability Insurance Awareness Month – the policy that works when you can’t. Most of you are covered under worker’s compensation if you’re injured at work, but what happens if you are injured on your weekend adventures? A friend was out riding his bike in the hills around Napa, and a driver was not paying close attention on a narrow road.  My friend took to flying and landed with several broken bones and a serious head injury.  Needless to say, it was months before he could return to work and even then only part-time.  How will the bills get paid?

Like most insurance, there are a lot of choices as you design a policy fit to your needs: short term, long term, and other coverage options are available.  You may even have options through your work benefits.  If you’re not sure what to choose or want to discuss the strategy, call Matt or myself and we are happy to talk it over.  We even have a brochure if you want to do a bit of reading first.

What’s new at the office?  First there is a new voice on the reception desk.  Connie Givogri joined us just about a month ago and is learning all the tricks of keeping us moving forward.  One primary rule Connie is helping with: WE HATE PHONE TAG.  When you call and we aren’t available, please set a time for us to call back with Connie or any member of the team.  We promise to call.

Another new item is that Matt passed his CFP® exam.  Though he has a two year experience to complete, he is on his way. Congrats Matt!  And since he has all this non-study time on his hands, he and Anne decided to have a baby.  Due date is early September. If you want to get into the pool for exact birth date, time or weight, let Hannah know.

Lastly, we want to congratulate ALL the grads who are moving on to other adventures.  I love the idea of Commencement whether its high school, college or work; there are unbounded opportunities in front of you.  Spread your sails and head into the wind.  If, as a parent, you are trying to figure out how to get school and retirement saved for, give us a call and we can share a strategy to keep you on course.  It’s even easier than the May Pole Dance!