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National Harvest Financial Day

February 11, 2022

Monday is Valentine’s Day and the following Monday is President’s Day (sorry George and Abe, you no longer get your own day). As I write this on Friday February 11, this is National Make A Friend Day. There are multiple types of days for each calendar spot because it is also National White Shirt Day and National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. Sure it’s fun and all but really?

Valentine’s Day is my daughters’ favorite day and she goes full steam ahead. The house is decorated, sandwiches are cut into heart shapes, and goodies abound. However, there are people who HATE Valentine’s Day. They call it SAD (Single Awareness Day).

Mark your calendar for August 14 as National Financial Awareness Day. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month and November is Long Term Care Awareness month.

Holy Guacamole (September 16, if you are wondering)!  Do we really need a day for all this? 

Here at Harvest Financial we think of this stuff ALL THE TIME. If you come in to ask about tax saving ideas because April 15 is coming up, you bet we’ll help you figure out the best strategy. While we are at it, we are going to ask about your estate planning, because you’re going to name a beneficiary. We’re going to ask about what retirement looks like for you and if the strategies we are establishing will get you to the finish line.  We are going to talk about investments to make your savings grow….faster, safer, sustainably, choose the word that fits you. We ask A LOT of questions because we care and we want to do what is right for you.

Speaking of you, what do you think of the roller coaster the Stock Market has been on. As of today the S&P 500 is down 6.04% and it’s been lower and of course higher. The Fed is talking interest rate increase to combat inflation. We all seem to scream about the ‘I’ word (inflation), unless you’re talking about the value of your house or wages.  Inflation can be our friend, but Valentine’s Day might be a bit more expensive this year. Hallmark is going to HATE me but no one I know has ever turned down a hand written note or a thoughtful gesture as opposed to cards, candies, balloons, etc.

My advice. Go out and create your own day, celebrate exactly the way you want to, except streaking, not a good fad for those who remember. If you need help call us (except on Feb. 21 President’s Day), we’ll listen, we’ll ask and we’ll recommend

All the best.