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Out of Hibernation

April 03, 2017

Spring is bursting out all over!

  1. Spring is here and with it; color, blossoms and pollen. The sunshine feels great! Spring also means getting to work as weeds pop-up and vegetable gardens are ready to plant. It may also demand protection against allergies.
  2. Tax time is coming to a close. April 18 is just around the corner. Meeting with a tax advisor or even do-it-yourself means you have pulled all your paperwork out. This has meant an increase in questions (that’s why we are here).

This is a point in time when the Achieve phase (Imagine. Believe. Achieve.) comes into reality.

  • Did I put enough away to help with my tax AND meet retirement goals?
  • Are all my accounts titled correctly?
  • Are the beneficiaries up to date?
  • With all the news on the economy, are my investments allocated correctly?
  • Our family is growing. Does the life insurance we have adequately cover our needs?

Enjoy this beautiful time of year and increase your peace of mind by checking in with us for your financial advice needs!