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Pumpkin spice and everything Fall

October 04, 2019

Welcome to Fall!  Today is a beautiful day, chilly morning and breezy evenings, leaves beginning to change colors and grapes being harvested.  However, we may see some 90’s this weekend, after all, this is California.

Local News

       Matt and Anne Farley added to the family with Hazel Mae on September 7.  Of course she is cute as a button and it means Matt has been taking some time off to get the family acclimated.

       Connie is struggling with some health issues and is taking some time off in October for a tune up and we wish her well.  She will be working half days, but as they say it takes a village and I happen to be the Village Idiot.


       Year to date; various parts of the market are up nicely!

              S&P 500  up 20.9% as of 9/30/19

              Barclays Aggregate Bond up 8.51% as of 9/30/19

              Gold Comdex is up 14.83% as of 9/30/19.  Most of this increase comes since early Summer as political tensions with China have gone back and forth.

       Various factors are at work.  Basically, the foundation economy is in good shape. Politics (aka) trade wars, interest rates and impeachment keep the talking heads babbling and a regular roller coaster.

       We believe that the closer you are to retirement, the ‘sterner’ a look you should take.  Even if you are retired, we don’t believe you should be 100% out of stocks.  What does the word ‘stern’ mean?

       If you are within 3 years of retirement, sit down with us, take a solid look at how long the money will last and develop a strategy for market roils

       If you are on the other end of career (just got started), look at your budget and see if you can contribute more to your plan.

       If you’re in the middle with College expenses on the horizon, let’s make sure your money is going into the right buckets.

If you have any questions or simply want to see pictures of Hazel, give us a call.