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Purchase Decisions

Purchase Decisions

May 17, 2023

Nations Giant Hamburger:  hamburger $7.45 cheeseburger $9.10

 Carl’s JR: hamburger/cheeseburger $6.39

 Gotts Roadside: hamburger $8.99 cheeseburger $9.99

 Downtown Joe’s: hamburger/cheeseburger $15.99

 Burger King: hamburger $6.79 cheeseburger $7.49

 The Habit Burger: hamburger/cheeseburger $5.79

 Black Bear Diner: hamburger/cheeseburger with fries $12.79

 Big D Burgers: hamburger $8.99 cheeseburger $9.89

 Foster Freeze: hamburger/cheeseburger $5.89

 Andie’s Café: hamburger $9.59 cheeseburger $10.29

 Super Duper Burgers: hamburger $7.00 cheeseburger $7.75

 Squeeze Hamburger: hamburger $8.50 cheeseburger $10.00

 Big Deal Burgers: hamburger $8.99 cheeseburger $9.49 

Jax White Mule Diner: hamburger $18.00 cheeseburger $18.00

 Wendy’s: hamburger/cheeseburger $5.79

 McDonalds: hamburger/cheeseburger $6.70

Survey the week of May 10, 2023

So you’re in Napa for an appointment and you want to grab a burger….How different do you think Habit Burger (the least expensive at $5.79) and Jax Diner burger at $18 is? A bun, slice of cheese, a beef patty and some condiments – is it worth a 210% difference??  Now at Jax you get a waiter as opposed to picking up your burger at the Habit counter.  Maybe a slight difference in ambiance.  Honestly, of all the ‘burger joints in Napa, did you think Habit was the least expensive?  I am sure the chefs at the various restaurants can talk about the Beef, but 210% fancier beef?  It was also interesting to see how some restaurants have the same price for a hamburger or a cheeseburger, while some ‘charge-up’ for the cheese - $1.65 for a slice of cheese at Nations.

Why am I rambling on about the price of a cheese burger in Napa?

  1. Depending on whose definition you rely, we are in or facing a recession. If your budget is becoming a concern, you might want to look closer at menu prices, or just cook at home.  Naturally this applies to every commodity, from toothpaste to turkey and soup to sirloin.  Spend another minute surveying the shelf before dumping in the basket.
  2. I was just talking to a friend who told the tale of two gas stations; same brand, less than a mile apart but $.30 per gallon difference in price. That’s $3 saved on a 10 gallon tank.
  3. I hate to bring up Starbucks, because Dutch Bros. or Peet’s can cost too. Doesn’t seem like much on a daily basis, but a daily $5 habit is a $1,300 annual habit! Maybe a nice regional vacation instead?
  4. You’ve heard about not shopping on an empty stomach. The same rule can be applied to DIY Projects
    1. I am NOT handy and some DIY projects can end up costing a lot more than if I got a pro to get the job done.
    2. It can be easy to wander the aisles of Lowes or Home Depot looking for the right screw and end up buying a BBQ and then the outdoor dining set and the pizza oven because summer is coming and it’s less expensive to have friends over and, and, and…. A little planning before shopping can control your spending
    3. Speaking of shopping, we recently got a new bed after 30 years. A little back and forth between stores ended up with a 30% savings off the original price.

Sometimes, it has to be a Squeeze with Cheese because the owner is a great guy, hired some of my kids and their pictures are on the wall. And you ain’t gonna find the cheese skirt anywhere else in Napa.  Personal choice and as much as Jay (the owner) might wish it to be weekly, our wallet and waste line dictate otherwise.

Summer is coming.  Get out and enjoy this beautiful Valley of ours (or wherever you may live).