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Remembering those who gave so that we can have what we have.

May 25, 2023

Happy Memorial Day! 

Our office will be closed Monday, May 29th in honor of Memorial Day.

Recently, I have watched a few episodes of ‘Finding Your Roots’.  This show takes celebrities through various stories from their family history, stories which the celebrity most often had no knowledge of.  I realize they chose the most sensational stories, even if it is PBS, it’s still TV after all.  What catches my interest is the various hurdles our predecessors went through to come to this country.  Whether genocide in Eastern Europe, slavery, the Holocaust or simply poverty, our ancestors struggled to get us here and provide the platform upon which we prosper. 

I realize Memorial Day is about military personnel who gave their lives for our freedoms and I don’t mean to detract from their celebration.  However, theirs is not the only struggle.  How did your family get to this country?  Let’s remember ALL those who gave so that we can have what we have.

I just spoke with a client who is invested in technology. 2021/22 were not good for him, but things are looking up in 2023.  He asked about real estate because a friend told him real estate was headed down and that he should get out of his tech investment and into real estate. So we discussed all the options.

 As I write this the S&P 500 is up 7.1% year to date.  So if you’re invested in the S&P 500 you’re up 7.1%.  If you’re invested in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, you’re down 1%.  The NASDAQ is up 18.9% year to date.  Washington DC is struggling about the debt ceiling and budget.  This weekend in Napa 30,000 plus will come to listen to various bands at Bottle Rock and fill our hotels and restaurants.  We have all this data but how is someone supposed to make decisions about investing? Make your decisions based on your situation and talk to professionals.  No one else has your income, your budget, your dreams and goals and it all needs to be taken into account. My clients “friend” didn’t have all the information that helped my client make the best decision for himself. I am glad he called to ask the right questions. 

However you choose, enjoy the weekend.  Take a moment to remember those who came before.  Take a few minutes to decide about how you can build a future for generations to come.