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Summer is Here! Market & Lifestyle Perspective

May 30, 2020

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Knowing that your investment objectives can change over time, we take a customized approach to investing.

Although it’s right on time, the restrictions, and regulations lend some uncertainty to this characteristically exciting time of year.  Sure, some shops and restaurants are opening, but it’s still tough to make plans.  So, it seems Stage 2 is making a capricious emergence. As a teenager, I remember the last day of school and the thrill of knowing it was summer - freedom! However, this year, I’m just not feeling it, yet.

February 17 marked a peak closing at 3370. Then a precipitous drop until March 19 at 2304. Bit by bit we have been climbing to 3063, a 33% increase, but we still have a ways to go. Unemployment is hopefully at the bottom now. In Napa, we are late Stage 2 and maybe Stage 3 in terms of re-opening. I don’t think businesses will operate the same as they did prior to this pandemic, I know Harvest Financial won’t. We have learned a few things during quarantine and will keep using that newfound knowledge to both serve our clients and support our community. Thanks to American Ingenuity, we will see new business models arise and support the shift in employment. 

I spoke with a colleague yesterday which reminded me of Darwin’s teachings: ‘Survival of the fittest’ and 'Those who adapt survive’: Did you have the cash to sustain your lifestyle during this quarantine?  Has your life or business model adapted to new circumstances and technology? Nani and I have adopted a slower lifestyle and we will keep it.  More reading, talking, less TV, more Zoom video calls with our children, and the garden has never looked better. Finally, an opportunity for us all to see the most valuable priorities!

In Closing:

If your priorities have changed, let’s have a conversation.  If your employment has changed, let’s have a conversation.  Here’s to summer and that same feeling on the last day of school.  Clean out your desk, turn in your books and head out to adventure!

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