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The Summer Season

June 06, 2019

June – graduations, weddings and the start of summer!  Finally, we are getting warm weather in Napa.  I always liked the term ‘commencement’ for graduations, and I believe the term applies to weddings also.  A new beginning, a time to put to use all that you have learned up to this point in life.

Retirement is a commencement too.  For 30+ years, you have toiled and saved and earned a good living.  For now, the salary bucket stops providing income and other spigots are opened.  For example, Social Security or a pension or the retirement plan or a rental property now provide the income to pay for your lifestyle.

We are excited to announce our association with Advanced Time Segmentation (ATS), which is a strategy to preserve your income during retirement.  Matt and I are travelling to Southern California to learn more about the tools available, and you will be hearing more about it as we implement this system.  Many of our clients have questions about where we are in the market.  Is there a downturn coming, is a recession around the corner?  Our crystal ball is no better than yours, but we can be prepared, and that is where Advanced Time Segmentation comes in.  Come in to visit and see what ATS has to help you.

We realize summer is often a time to set aside the hustle and bustle and enjoy the outdoors, get away.  We like that too, so you can imagine vacations are on our mind.  We have built a team so that we can be out of the office AND meet your needs.  Connie has been with us now for over two months now, and is understanding the process.  In today’s technology, we are only as far away as an email or cell phone.  We may not answer as quickly as if we are in the office, but we can respond in emergencies.

Last but not least, Memorial Day just passed and July 4 is on the horizon.  We live in a great country because of those who came before, built it.  We are the builders of tomorrow.  So while we salute the past, spend a moment to protect the future.  As a Boy Scout, I learned to leave a campsite better than I found it.  The same rule applies with this earth.  So if you’re having a picnic, clean up after yourself.  If you are with the family, share some history and talk about what your family can do.  Even if you are sitting out on the back porch in the evening, enjoy your surroundings and plan what you can do to help out.

Have a SPECTACULAR summer!