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Time to plan and time to enjoy

June 09, 2016

Three days until we leave for Tahoe.  Chase from Colorado and Taylor from Utah, arrived last night. Packing is the activity around the house AND planning.  The grand kiddos are coming up so we have a age grouping of a 1 year old to almost 60.  How do you keep everyone HAPPY?  We've been asking friends, searching the internet and making lists.

This morning as I drove into work I listened to a discussion about Summer Activities for children. Camps galore; activity after activity after activity.  Children have an average of 150 toys at their disposal today.  The talk show hosts remembered back to their childhood, when this DIDN'T exist.  They played outside and if they had one toy they dug deep in their creativity to play with it, for hours.  Today with endless toys, video games, TV Channels and camps, our creativity muscle is anemic if it even exists.

So what's the lesson for our vacation? Plan some stuff as a Plan B, but let's see what happens when they have to talk to each other, play with niece and nephew, stop and let the beauty that is Tahoe sink in.  Oh, and Sunnyside Resort on Tuesday for Zucchini sticks.